Feb 2018

A Glimpse of January in the Elm Room!

Posted On: 02/06/2018
By: Kaitlyn Deis

We have kicked off January in full swing! There has been a lot of buzz and excitement around the arrival of a few new faces to our classroom community.  Owen is joining IMS for the first time, while Lys is making her transition from up from the Hickory Room. It has been wonderful getting to know our new classmates. These new children have reminded us to slow down and revisit the basics of our ground rules and routines as they are learning how we do things. We have taken great pride in showing them around our space.  Be sure to say hello if you see these new faces!


In the past month, we have taken a great deal of time to chat about the classroom ground rules on being kind and gentle. Children shared that kindness means to be nice, to show love and to smile. We can show kindness to others, to things and to ourselves. We discussed how kindness is something that we can practice everywhere and all the time! As put by one child, “It makes you happy to be kind to others!” and that could not be truer! Discussions were also had about what it means and looks like when we have on listening ears, steady and ready bodies, and are showing respect to other people and things. Children took turns showing how to interrupt politely by placing a quiet hand on someone’s shoulder and waiting until they are acknowledged. We have also been practicing using the words “please” when asking or requesting something and “thank you” to show appreciation for a gesture someone has shown to us. All of these examples of grace and courtesy are helping to build the children’s awareness and responsiveness to social structures that are happening around them.


With all of the bustle and commotion in our classroom, our bodies are moving so much more. That means our appetites are growing too! The food preparation activities are helping the children not only to fulfill a hunger need and handle kitchen tools but are also a natural way for them to learn cooperation and experience community when they prepare and serve to others. We are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to pluck our own grapes, peel clementines and slice bananas. Apple slicing will be making its way to the shelf soon! Yumm!


Australia is the new continent of study for geography. Over break, Ethan took a trip there and has been thrilled to share his experience with us! We are learning about the culture, animals, foods, landmarks and territories of this amazing place. The photos we have seen in the Australian Postcard Matching work are breathtaking and we are thrilled to learn more each day.


Snow! It seems like it is here one day and gone the next, or entirely too cold to go out and experience it all together. We have bundled up and made the trudge out, so long as the weather has been above 20˚F, and goodness has it been fun! Thank you for making sure that your children have the necessary gear at school every day, keeping them warm so that they can have this opportunity to experience nature!


If you are curious to see how the classroom works for yourself, please let us know as our classroom is open for observation. All we ask is that you let us know that you are interested in observing and we will work out a morning for you to come for an hour and see what a day in our classroom is all about! Please email us at elmroom@ithacamontessori.org and we will figure out a time that works best for your schedule and ours.


As always, thank you for sharing your children with us each day!


Peace and Love,

Khaliha, Heather, Kamrie and Kathryn