Feb 2017

Busy February

Posted On: 02/27/2017
By: Kaitlyn Deis

February has quickly gone by, and we have been super busy.  We said goodbye to two of our Pine Room friends, Pratham and Fiona 🙁  We held a special circle with their families, and shared our best wishes with them.  We hope they both love their new adventures.

PicMonkey Collage

This month we have also started food tasting! We’ve had green beans, star fruit, mango, and dates.  It has been really exciting trying these different foods together, and sharing what we think of their tastes.  We have discussed which continent the fruit usually grows in, how it smells, feels, and whether we can eat the skin or not.  We’ve looked at the seeds and the fruit whole before we cut into it.  We hope that you are hearing all about these yummy new tastes.

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February has been full of work, Olive has been giving lots of new lessons.  The children have also been practicing their work, and we have noticed longer periods of work in the morning.  It has been amazing watching the children sing while they work, and independently choose their works.

PicMonkey Collage12

This month we have experienced every possible kind of weather, and we’ve loved it!! Whether it has been snow, rain, or sun we have found a way to make the most of the changing weather.  We are sure you have seen the muddy snow pants, and we know the children have loved jumping in the puddles of melted snow.  Please remember to always send your child’s gear, we can keep it in their cubby if the weather does not require it.Untitled design


We have also opened up the outside classroom space, the children have been enjoying the sun while focusing on their work.

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