Jan 2018

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Posted On: 01/30/2018
By: Kaitlyn Deis

To introduce our study of food webs the scientists were invited to dissect owl pellets. We learned that owls hunt for food such a mice, moles and voles and generally swallow them whole! However, the owl can not digest the whole animal that it swallowed. This results in the owl regurgitating all of the undigested parts such as the fur, bones, and feathers of it’s prey, forming what we call an owl pellet. A common misconception that owl pellets are scat is simply not true, owl pellets are more similar to a hair ball of a cat.

As the scientists dissected the owl pellet they discovered many different bones and found them on our bone sorting chart. As they figured out what bone they found our lab was full of exclamations like “I found the mandible of a shrew!” and “Not another humerus!” And there was so much excitement when a skull was discovered!


Initially the scientists were asked to hypothesize about what was inside the mysterious foil packet on their lab trays… some thought maybe a chocolate covered egg, others thought maybe a birds egg, and a few thought I had wrapped rocks…

The scientists continued to examine the specimens and hypothesize when Isaak observed a bit of hair sticking out of his foil!

2018-01-23_09-26-08_686 2018-01-23_09-26-22_518 2018-01-23_09-58-59_883

After a bit of research and discussion about what these strange balls of fur were the scientists started to dissect!


2018-01-23_10-10-38_312 2018-01-23_10-06-40_449 2018-01-23_10-55-47_994 2018-01-23_10-10-22_862 2018-01-23_10-06-57_374 2018-01-23_10-14-13_966

As the dissection continued the scientist discovered and identified many bones.

2018-01-23_10-07-54_292 2018-01-23_10-04-40_506

2018-01-23_10-17-42_117 2018-01-23_14-14-08_394

It was fascinating to see how tiny some of the bones were and just as surprising to find some of the larger bones!

2018-01-23_13-51-54_736 2018-01-23_10-06-01_624 2018-01-23_10-13-09_250

2018-01-23_13-31-31_717 2018-01-23_13-31-24_558 2018-01-23_13-22-12_981

2018-01-23_10-44-54_119 2018-01-23_10-21-14_886 2018-01-23_10-17-52_052

2018-01-23_09-26-10_952 2018-01-23_10-41-15_197 2018-01-23_10-40-47_023

2018-01-23_13-51-11_841 2018-01-23_10-08-19_051 2018-01-23_14-19-31_290

What an amazing day!

2018-01-23_10-14-43_817 2018-01-23_13-52-37_426