Dec 2017

Fall in the Elm Room

Posted On: 12/08/2017
By: Kaitlyn Deis

First of all we would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend a parent teacher conference! It was so lovely to share with you about your wonderful children and what they are working on at school. Also, we are very appreciative of the gifts donated to our classroom from the small hands catalog and are eager to implement them into our classroom!


We have enjoyed watching the change of season in the Elm room as Fall slowly progresses into Winter, some children have even used our classroom binoculars to observe the changing and falling leaves out of our window. In the classroom you could find acorns for counting in our sets basket, indian corn for plucking in our practical life area, and miniature apples to practice using tongs.  We realize it’s not quite winter yet, but with the cold weather here, we feel Fall coming to an end and preparing for this change.

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One of the most drastic changes we are preparing for is changing into our winter gear. Please be mindful of the weather forecasted for each day as we plan on going outdoors in all types of weather. If you would like you may leave a set out outdoor gear in your child’s cubby. This time of year all children will be required to wear boots, hats and mittens in addition to their heavy jackets. And soon enough they will also need to wear snow pants. Please continue to send their water bottles daily for our outdoor and gym gross motor play. Your children will be so grateful to have all of their outdoor gear available to them so that they may fully enjoy their time outside!



One of our biggest goals in the classroom is to teach the children independence. We want to give every child the tools to care for themselves, to care for their environment, to care for others, and to find peace and joy from their practice. To reach this goal we offer the children the opportunity to do everything they believe they can do. Sometimes this means the adult must slow down and allow the child the time they need to accomplish their task. This can become exceedingly difficult when it comes to changing shoes or trying to get outside quickly. We urge you to see if you can bring part of this practice home with you as well. In this article “Help me to help myself” http://montessoriguide.org/help-me-to-help-myself/ you can get a more detailed account of how we practice this at school and how you can practice this at home!









As always please let us know if you have any questions for us! We thank you for sharing your children with us as they bring smiles to our faces daily!


With Peace and Love,

Khaliha, Heather, Kathryn & Kamrie