Feb 2017

January Update from the Pine Room

Posted On: 02/02/2017
By: Kaitlyn Deis


We wrapped up 2016 with many fun activities.  We enjoyed our last week of school before break, we hope you enjoyed the yummy cookies, and special gifts.  Our puzzle day was a blast!


We are excited to have everyone back and busy working.  We have had a few changes in our classroom.  At the end of December we said goodbye to Valerie.  We will miss her and wish her the best in her new classroom.  The children shared our end of day song with Valerie, and some sweet memorable words too.



We have also welcomed Cait to the Pine Room!
Cait has taught us a fun ball game to play during our
gym time.




We are continuing to work on snack prep, children are now preparing sandwiches with Sun-butter and jam.  We have also received lots of new presentations.  Olive has been busy working with children, and the children have been super excited about the new works.







We have been practicing calming our bodies, by keeping our bodies steady.  We close our eyes, keep our bodies steady, and open our eyes when we feel ready.



Silence Poem
I cross my legs
I place my hands on my knees
I make my back super straight
I tell my body to be still
I take a deep breath
I close my eyes
I make silence with my body
And I feel my love


We’ve had a few fun trips out in the wet weather.  We also had a great walk through the woods, where we found moss on the path and a birds nest in the bare trees.  We’ve had fun making snow angels, and squishing through mud puddles.  Please make sure that your child has warm gear for the cold weather, we will try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible.

Thank you for sharing your children with us.

Peace and Love,

Olive, Doa, Cait and Elizabeth