Apr 2017

March in the Pine Room

Posted On: 04/04/2017
By: Kaitlyn Deis

The Pine Room has been buzzing with work this month.  We have seen children become more independent in their work choices, and continuing to have longer work cycles.  The Pine Room teachers have had the opportunity to observe more, and allow the children to practice many of the works they have had lessons on.


Many of the older children in the Pine Room are starting to become leaders in our class.  A multi-age Montessori classroom can be divided into three; first year children “explorer”, second year students “experimenters” and third year students as “exerts.” We are seeing our older children moving into classroom leadership roles, both academic and socially.   Unfortunately, we don’t always have cameras handy to catch the kind moments of comforting a friend, helping a friend find work, or explaining how a work is done.  We have seen children step up and help lead circle ❤


March has brought us a couple of birthday walks Olive and Samuele shared their birthdays with us.  They got to use our brand-new continent globe, we unwrapped it carefully talked about how we need to be gentle with our classroom works.  Everyone has loved using the new globe!


Even though the weather hasn’t been the friendliest lately, we have still had many chances to play outside. pic