Nov 2016

October Update from the Pine Room

Posted On: 11/01/2016
By: Kaitlyn Deis

We have had a lovely October! The children are settling in nicely and becoming a sweet community. This month we have focused on engaging the children in the preparation of snack for their peers. Children have helped cut fruit and vegetables for their peers to eat. With this come lots of important lessons of washing our hands and keeping them clean while we work, keeping our fingers clear of sharp choppers, cleaning the work space so another friend can use it, and working in the care of others! 14647246_10155300041934428_1914310600_o 14795748_10155300047254428_111124614_o-1 14800033_10155300048779428_933698153_o

We were lucky enough to have a fire truck from Lansing Fire Department come and visit us this month. We got to see where the hoses are stored and even got to hold one – they are really big! The children had the choice of whether to climb inside and see where the firemen sit as well. We talked as a group about fire safety, and the importance of fire drills to practice getting clear of the building. Fire drills are important to practice at home as well. Parents can make sure their children are familiar with the sound of the smoke detectors in their home and practice leaving and meeting in a safe place outside in case of fire.

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Halloween was a topic of much discussion this month as friends shared their ideas for costumes and their excitement about trick or treating. In the classroom we practiced our pumpkin poem almost daily, at their request:

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere
By Valerie Graves

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere
with eyes that are circles and eyes that are squares.
Triangle noses all flickering with fire,
the candles in the jack-o-lanterns burn higher and higher.
I go door to door just to fill up my sack
and when people open the door, they jump back!
because I could be a tiger, all growly and mean,
or the cutest little kitten that they’ve ever seen.
On Halloween, children go out late at night,
to give others a smile, or maybe a fright!

We also had a pumpkin in our room for the children to help scoop the flesh and seeds out of.


We carved a face on our pumpkin at circle, allowing several friends to share ideas for the face.


While many friends slept, that afternoon, a few helped pick out and wash the seeds, then coat them in oil and sprinkle them with salt. Then we roasted the seeds for a special Halloween-inspired food tasting. Almost everyone loved them.

We are slowly adding activities to our shelves as children work through the preliminary tasks they need to master to be successful. We are now showing children a simple painting activity with solid tempura paints, as well as grating nutmeg that we can use for baking. In the afternoons, the children who do not rest assist with jobs that help prepare the classroom for the afternoon. They enjoy spraying and wiping tables and chairs, washing dishes, and helping sweep up piles on the floor.

As the weather changes, we will start our day in the gym at times, allowing for some gross motor time. The children enjoy running and tumbling, as well as building big floor puzzles, and large building blocks.

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A few reminders for parents:

  • No School on Veteran’s day, Friday, November 11th.
  • Parent conferences are Nov 18th. There is no school that day, but their is childcare for the time of your conference for children enrolled in the school. Make sure to sign up!
  • There is a parent questionnaire in each parent folder – please pick yours up if you have not already. If you fill them out and return them, we can be better prepared for your conference.
  • Friendship Luncheon – Tuesday, November 22nd at 11:30, with noon dismissal for everyone. This is an all school event, with potluck food from the entire community to share. We hope you will join us!
  • No School for Thanksgiving Recess – 23-25th of November.
  • We sent home the IMS guidelines for weather appropriate clothing and ask that you help your child be prepared for playtime. Playtime is MUCH more fun for the children when they are appropriately dressed. Please check the weather each day and send appropriate clothing.

We will be putting out a sign up sheet for parent to come in to present to the children! We need to hear from you – what are your hobbies? Do you play an instrument? where have you visited or lived that might be interesting? what cultural experiences, objects or foods can you share? We would love your help to bring things alive for the children.

Happy Fall!

Peace and Love,

Valerie, Olive, Doa and Elizabeth