Jan 2018

Only one remains!

Posted On: 01/24/2018
By: Kaitlyn Deis




The scientists returned to the forest to discover that only one cranberry remained! The others, as hypothesized, had been eaten by the creatures living in our forest and trying to survive winter!





We continued to explore the forest and see what other food remained for the animals adapting to winter. The scientists were surprised to discover that some fungus had survived through the snow fall and snow melt!

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Our exploration led the scientists to the stream where they fell silent and listened to the loud roar of the overflowing stream. The scientist made many observation here, noticing deer tracks in the mud, how the stream was more than double it’s normal size and how it was moving so quickly!


2018-01-12_11-26-52_631     2018-01-12_10-45-18_097

And the discoveries continue…

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