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December 19th 2017

After learning how to classify animals we started getting into the nitty gritty of mammals. We began by learning about the tracks that the animals make with their front and hind feet. First we hypothesized what animals belong to each track. Then we learned about the unique details of each animals foot and the track that they make.


Isaak and Theia examining all of their animal choices.

2017-12-07_14-07-18_4792017-12-07_14-06-51_4482017-12-07_14-06-22_436 2017-12-07_14-06-04_4572017-12-07_14-05-50_318

The Scientists making their hypotheses.

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Here the Scientist learned about the patterns the each animals gait creates and replicated them for their lab notebooks.


One day we searched for tracks in the mud. We found so many deer tracks!


And then it snowed! We discovered many more animal tracks in the fresh morning snow!


These tracks were so interesting as the covered the log the hovers over the creek! What a tricky chipmunk!


Brady making his salt dough and forming a deer track.


Theia works on her fox track.


Isaak forms a coyote track.


Anya and the mink track.


Bjorn creates a beaver’s front track.


This was quite the process!

2017-12-15_12-58-02_408 2017-12-15_12-57-56_091 2017-12-15_12-57-51_475 2017-12-15_12-57-47_367 2017-12-15_12-57-42_976

The final product. So many tracks!