Why IMS?

Did you know that Ithaca Montessori School gives away more than $50,000 in scholarships to deserving local students every year? We do – because we believe that every child deserves the chance to learn in a stellar, loving environment – contact us today for more information.

Ready To Give Your Child A Love Of Learning?

You know that the IMS approach and and environment are a match for your child, but let’s talk about the top-level teachers here at IMS.

Why IMS Has

The Best Teachers


A Living Wage

IMS teachers earn above the local average because we believe that well paid, professional teachers have a higher work satisfaction, are higher quality mentors – this means IMS has happier teachers and happier children.

Professional Educators

Our teachers are professional educators with active Montessori Certifications and degrees. Those who are not are financially sponsored by IMS while they are completing their extensive Montessori training.

IMS Teachers Earn

28% Above Average

In a study covering 3 counties, including Tompkins County

What Makes

IMS Unique?

In addition to free play outside, our classrooms have additional outside classrooms (seasonal)
Leadership training where children engage younger children in learning new works and mentoring; crucial to empathy, but also core to leadership training learned by all humans only in the age of 3-5 (exhibited age 10-12)
We are a co-op, where parents and families are vested in the care of our children, school, and academic programming
We spend 30% of our day outside, more than double the average school
Our school grounds have edible gardens, where children plant, yield and prepare their harvest to meal; a fostered understanding of the food system, and a lifelong love of learning and trying new foods

Weekly: Music class, Movement-Learning class, Food tastings, Art and Baking


We provide free regular parent education nights

And So Much More!