Special Programs

Ithaca Montessori School

Special Programs



Includes the study of art appreciation, studying the life and work of various artists. An important part of the art area is skill development, tracing, cutting, lacing, and more. Once children master skills they can move onto more complex works of art. Children use real art materials like watercolors and oil pastels to develop an appreciation of art at a young age.




Is held daily throughout the school. Classes share music together at their daily circle time, an important part of the day for community building. Our afterschool program has a strong focus on gross motor play as well as art. In addition, each class enjoys a weekly music class with a certified music instructor – featuring song, dance, and introductions to different instruments.



Mastering Movement (Gym Time)

During gym time, our students continue to learn a number of critical life skills through a number of activities (all of which adhere to Montessori teaching standards). Kids will learn how to follow directions, how to work well in teams, as well as self-reliance through a number of individual activities.


Special Guest Presenters

Throughout the year, we host a number of special guests that bring presentations and activities geared to compliment what our students are being taught at time. These are some of our favorite parts of school year – and also a favorite of the kids.