The Ithaca Montessori School is founded on classical Montessori principals and practices. Our philosophy is inspired by the educational thought of Dr. Maria Montessori. As educators, we believe that each child is born to be a learner, and that the full potential of each person is realized only through an ordered, challenging, and nurturing environment that contributes to the child’s physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

We believe that the needs of each child are the central and commanding focus of the learning process. It is the role of the school to observe, to know, and to defend the child as he or she proceeds through the stages of development.

We see in each child the future of society, of our nation, and of our planet. The child in the process of fundamental development has unlimited possibilities, and the future rests on our ablity to cultivate this potential. IMS welcomes students from diverse social, economic, ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. We believe that the learning process in governed by certain basic human tendencies or needs:

  • The need to communicate and use language
  • The tendency for order, the demand to organize, classify and interpret reality
  • The need for independence
  • The need for social relationships
  • The need to experience reality through imagination
  • The desire for peace and personal freedom
  • The need to Love and be Loved
  • The need for respect, value and purpose