For their first school experience, our toddler program encourages self-development in an atmosphere of love, understanding, respect, and support. Building the child’s independence is the ultimate goal and this is accomplished in a supporting environment designed to allow each child the ability to meet their own needs.

IMS includes three specially-prepared Montessori Toddler classrooms: The Hickory Room, The Willow Room and The Oak Room. The classrooms feature simple wood furnishings that are all child-sized and at eye-level. In these Toddler classrooms there is space for movement, individual work and group activities. Children sit together with teachers for their snack and lunch. Toddlers who participate in our full-day program take a nap after lunch




Practical Life

This area is particularly emphasized as the activities in this area give children the chance to develop skills to care for themselves and their environment in the following areas: control of movement, and grace and courtesy. Practical life activities are simple and can be accomplished by each child, such as pouring water from a pitcher into a glass or polishing a mirror.


Work Period

Children may choose activities such as art, sensorial, language, puzzles, math/science, practical life and manipulative. Within each classroom there is a book corner. Gross motor equipment is also available to help develop the large muscles, such as stairs and small trampolines.



Since self-care and toilet learning are an integral part of our curriculum, each child is offered ample opportunities become independent in the bathroom. The children are encouraged to be active participants in diapering which leads to independent toileting.

Indoor & Outdoor

Play Time

The toddlers have their own outdoor play area specifically designed for their age group. A large play structure, slide, sand box, a climbing hill and swings are available. In addition, the toddlers have their own gym space with age-appropriate equipment for days when we need to bring our gross motor activities indoors